Tokyo ON #043: Welcome to Paradise


Paradise found! Intrepid adventurer and Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong stumbles through the concrete jungle of Shibuya in the dead of night to bring you the latest sounds from the World’s Greatest Metropolis with tracks from SIRUP, TAMTAM and STUTS, but has yet to solve the mystery of Japanese artists’ obsession with capital letters. Royce also debates the wisdom of remakes and sequels, reminisces over the glory days of PuffyAmiYumi and muses on the concept of a perfect place. Grab a drink, welcome to paradise, and take a little journey into a musical utopia by tuning into this fantastical episode of Tokyo ON.


1. The Pillows - Spiky Seeds

2. SIRUP - Do Well

3. TAMTAM - Nyhavn

4. Chelmico - OK Cheers!

5. STUTS - Eternity

6. Nulbarich - Kiss You Back (Oliver Nelson remix)

Royce Leong