Tokyo ON

Most populous metropolitan area in the world

Alpha+ world city

First in the Global Economic Power Index

Most Michelin stars of any city in the world


There’s no place quite like Tokyo. Despite the standard perception of Tokyo as a fast-paced, technologically advanced city, it offers so much more. Traditional and modern, west and east. Crowds of people hustle in parallel with quiet side-streets. Luxury brands and historic handicrafts. Concrete jungles and gorgeous landscaped gardens. Businessmen, office ladies, living national treasures, gamers, engineers, dancers, musicians of all genres, artists, designers, master chefs are all here to deliver the finest experiences in every aspect of life.

That’s why we call it the world’s greatest metropolis.

What does it sound like?


Music is a wonderful thing. It is the voice of the people, a reflection of the times, an expression of feeling.

Through it, you can learn a lot about a culture and its people. Past, present and future.

Tune in and discover the heart and soul of Tokyo with us.


Tokyo ON

Bringing you the sounds of the world’s greatest metropolis.




Royce Leong

Born in Melbourne, Australia

Living in Tokyo since 2006

Visited 30 of 47 prefectures

Resident DJ of Maction Planet