Tokyo ON #044: New Era


The times they are a changin'... and Tokyo ON is right in the thick of the action, bringing you the latest in soul and hip-hop from the likes of JiLL-Decoy association, IN-SIST and Mime. Host and Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong also riffs on salient topics including his opinion on why the Heisei era has been so turbulent, recent corporate scandals and a bit on how technology has changed social interaction. Don’t let the closure of Tsukiji get you down - tune into Tokyo ON and let these fresh tunes ease your transition into the new era.


1. IN-SIST - 時代

2. Mime - MK1

3. JiLL Decoy Association - イヤホンを外したら feat. BASI

4. Sweet William & Jinmenusagi - cheat

5. eill - 初恋


Photo Credit: Yayu Wang from Yayaland Studio

Royce Leong