Tokyo ON In the Mix

DJ mixes featuring Japanese music compiled by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong (RoyGBiv)


Tokyo Wandering Vol.2

Volume 2 in the Tokyo Wandering mix series to help you contemplate life on cool misty days. Whether you're inside a cafe waiting out the rain, strolling through shopping arcades or checking out the hydrangeas on temple grounds, this relaxing downtempo mix is for you.


Soul in the House

Soulful house is a genre of music characterized by club beats, lush arrangements (think strings, flutes, melodic basslines, bongos…) and of course strong vocals that project warmth and emotion. Despite its relatively lower profile worldwide, the genre continues to have a substantial following in Japan.

Paying tribute to the genre’s legacy, this is a soulful house mix of tracks that have a Japanese connection, featuring artists such as MONDO GROSSO, Satoshi Tomiie, Studio Apartment, Namy and AK.


Tokyo Wandering

A half and hour of amazing tunes designed to accompany you on your strolls around Tokyo. Whether walking up tree lined avenues or down alleyways... on your way to a matsuri or to watch the hanabi... chilling in the famous parks or perfectly manicured gardens... this mix is for you.

 Original image courtesy of Ming Tan

Original image courtesy of Ming Tan


When imagining the future, artists often look to Tokyo as a source of inspiration. A technologically advanced metropolis, highly structured and driven by mass consumerism. The genres of future funk, vaporwave and filter house often sample Japanese pop music then alter and loop it to create a futuristic sound that is immediately accessible, shiny and fun yet artificial and robotic, with humanity hidden beneath the layers of filters.

This is a 20 minute sampler of these genres with a focus on J-Pop