Tokyo ON #042: Get to the Chopper


As the summer heat continues to linger, Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong takes stock of what’s going on around The World's Greatest Metropolis! Checking up on the latest in movies, games and products, Royce gives us his round up of what's hot (pun intended) in Tokyo right now. Accompanied by music from Mr. Children, Friends and TOKIO, this episode features riffs on helicopters, beers, product endorsement, musicians named Sakamoto and much more. 
Want to put your finger on the pulse of Tokyo? You’ll just have to tune into the latest edition of Tokyo ON.


1. Tatsuro Yamashita - Mirai's theme
2. Mr. Children - Hanabi
3. FRIENDS - #NoBitterLife
4. Tokio - Tokyo Drive
5. Maaya Sakamoto - 逆光
6. Namie Amuro - Finally

Royce Leong