Tokyo ON #041: Motto Hotto


It's now the height of summer in the World's Greatest Metropolis, bringing with it the hottest day ever recorded in Japan! So, why not stay cool and chill out with a selection of summer tracks put together by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong for Tokyo ON? As the temperature rises, Royce muses about the summer theatrics, while playing hot tracks (pun intended) from a former gravure model (Ogura Yuko), a girls hip hop idol group (Lyrical School), someone whose name means summer summer (Natsu Summer) and more! Sit back, grab a drink with sodium added to it, and try to beat the heat this summer together with Tokyo ON.


1. Shiggy Jr. - Sun is coming up
2. D.A.T.S - Jam
3. Ogura Yuko - Onna no ko / Otoko no ko
4. Lyrical School - 常夏のリターン
5. Natsu Summer & Dub Sensation - Long hot summer
6. Suchmos - FUNNY GOLD

Royce Leong