Tokyo ON #053: The Sunaga Experience


This episode is a tribute to Shibuya OG DJ/producer Sunaga Tatsuo, who has recently released a new album Suomenlinna. Exploring his work as DJ, producer and arranger, in true Sunaga Tatsuo fashion you will hear jazz, Shibuya-kei, electronica, hip-hop, kayokyoku and even Okinawan folk music. Let's follow Tokyo ON and travel into the space, shall we?


Sunaga t’ Experience - Istonichcoff (Theme from T.R.A.P)

浜田マロン - 右の頬がゆがむとき

野宮真貴 - Sekai, Nishiharashoukaino Sekai!

大島康克 - カラ岳

Sunaga t’ Experience - Rogue

加山雄三 - 君といつまでも(together forever mix) feat. ECD x DJ Mitsu the Beats

Royce Leong