Tokyo ON Gaiden: Tokyo Mihoudai 2019 Recap


Fresh from his fantastic experience at the Mihoudai Tokyo 2019 festival, Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong takes you through the streets of Shinjuku deep into the basements for a band by band account of the action, featuring acts like Zookaraderu, Anna Takeuchi, Volleyboys, The Love Ningen and a few old favourites too. You had to be there…but if you weren’t, tune in to find out what you missed!


  1. Zookaraderu - 漂流劇団

  2. Anna Takeuchi - TOKYO NITE

  3. The Love Ningen - これはもう青春じゃないか

  4. Volleyboys - あさやけ

  5. The Nuggets - もう一度、ツイストを

  6. Tejina - You Are My Sunshine

  7. Hitsujibungaku - 天気予報

Royce Leong