Tokyo ON #040: Samurai Blues


MAC IS BACK! That's right, the Maction Planet Founder and Lead Guide returns to take us on a musical journey through Japan's World Cup history, from the Agony of Doha in 1993 to the present day. Mac plays songs from each tournament Japan has qualified for, including tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre & Tetsuya Komuro, EXILE, ORANGE RANGE and Alfredo Casero. This is a very personal episode for Mac as his first visit to Japan was for the 2002 World Cup... the origins of his love affair with the World's Greatest Metropolis. Put on your Japan jersey and reminisce about the last 25 years of Samurai Blue action with Tokyo ON.

Track list
1. Jean Michel Jarre & Tetsuya Komuro - Together Now
2. Alfredo Casero - Shima Uta
3. ORANGE RANGE - チャンピオーネ
4. Superfly - タマシイレボリューション
5. ウカスカジー - 勝利の笑みを君と
6. EXILE - Awakening

Royce Leong