Tokyo ON #027: Finger Lickin' Xmas

The Maction Planet Radio team are back to help get you ready for Christmas. For a country with little religious background to the season, Japan still manages to do Christmas arguably better than anywhere else on the planet! Tokyo shines with millions of illumination lights which transform The World's Greatest Metropolis into a glittering jewel, and the hyper-consumerism is rampant - even more than normal! While spinning festive tunes from AI, TRF and SEKAI NO OWARI, your hosts Royce and Mac discuss what life is like here during Christmas - illuminations, Coca Cola and the biggest Christmas tradition of them all - KFC. Wrap up warm, make yourself a Hot Chocolate or grab some Amazake and prepare to be jolly with Tokyo ON - after all, 'tis the season for it!

Royce Leong