Evening Cinema - Confession


Evening Cinema’s first major album Confession was originally released on February 14, and though I may be late to the party on this, romance is timeless. You know what else is timeless? Catchy melodies, mellow vocals, love songs, dramatic strings, beautiful sunsets, driving in the countryside, holidays on the Mediterranean coast, Audrey Hepburn, Hollywood endings. Take all of that plus a strong dash of Japanese pop heritage and you’ll end up with Confession. From the melodies to the instrumentation and of course the vocals, Harada Natsuki channels the best of 80’s/90’s city pop and Shibuya-kei, to the point where you expect someone to ironically proclaim this is “a new stereophonic sound spectacular.” While that means there’s a strong degree of familiarity with the sound and cynics may say it’s not entirely original, who cares when it sounds this good? As a Shibuya-kei fan, this is as close as you might get to hearing new material from Pizzicato Five or Flipper’s Guitar, which you would take every single day of the week

This being 2018, if you’re not familiar with Shibuya-kei by virtue of being a millennial or unable to drown out the constant barrage of idol music, this album will be a revelation – it is the true essence of Japanese pop, a respectful homage to the greats, and best of all, the continuation of a legendary legacy.

1. 告白
2. さよならは今度のために
3. ラストイニング
4. 忘れるまえに
5. サマータイム
6. can't do that
7. make it alright
8. jetcoaster ~ baby, I'm yours ~
9. 原色の街
10. わがまま