Passepied - ネオンと虎

neon tiger.jpeg

Neon to Tora is Passepied’s latest mini-album following Otonari-san released late last year and continues in the same vein with Passepied’s MO of combining new wave, pop and funk. There’s a lot of variation in here with sparkling strings, funky synths and shifts in rhythm which make for an engaging and enjoyable listening experience. You even get some operatic bombast from leader Narita Haneda on the album's closer 恐るべき真実 with keyboard arpeggios that Muse would be proud of, but with much more emotion as they sing about an awful truth. It’s well-crafted pop without ever being predictable, even with its obvious 80’s lineage. Exhibiting remarkable consistency over time, Passepied continue to produce original, inventive music for today and tomorrow. 


01. ネオンと虎

02. マッカメッカ

03. Matinee

04. かくれんぼ

05. トビウオ

06. オレンジ  

07. 恐るべき真実

Royce Leong