Scarf & the SuspenderS - Invitation


Scarf & the SuspenderS bill themselves as “being a band while accurately capturing the essence of hip-hop” which is spot on. On their debut EP Invitation they aren’t afraid to play different styles of beats or switch mid-song, sometimes it sounds like classic hip-hop beats, other times its jazz or even a bossa nova type rhythm, and it’s all anchored by the MC Scarf who ties it together with his dramatic delivery. Both elements of band and MC are excellent, and you sense that this is a group of professionals who are serious about making good music – the members all have other bands and projects. I’m glad they all got together on this. It’s complex but very listenable, and rewarding upon repeat. Classy stuff.

Track listing

1. K.I.K.E

2. スカーフとトワレ

3. みえる

4. 行動

5. テンポ

6. 鳴呼



Royce Leong